Hot & Cold Blender, 1.75L (46250)
Model Number: SSB-1A

RRP $320.00 AU
RRP $399.00 NZ

You can cook homemade soups from start to finish or blend up your favourite smoothie with this innovation exclusively by Cuisinart. The built in non-stick heater plate provides the perfect surface to sauté ingredients, simmer or boil soups, and with a touch of a button blend it all to a perfect consistency.

Crush ice and blend everything from smoothies to frozen cocktails.

•    The first of its kind on the market!
•    Know what you put in your food – the Hot and Cold Blender promotes healthy, natural eating
•    Save time and money – Eliminate the need for multiple pieces of cooking equipment as it chops, cooks and blends in the one machine!
•    Create your own fresh, healthy soup from start to finish in just 20 minutes
•    Rapid heating element & non stick cooking plate browns vegetables, boils liquids and simmers soups.
•    Powerful blender with stainless steel blades
•    Blends hot soups and sauces to desired consistency straight after cooking
•    Add ingredients anytime during the cooking process
•    Perfect for making dips, sauces, purees, dressings, smoothies, cocktails and crushing ice.
•    Powerful 1000 watt motor.

•    BPA Free

•    Recipe book
•    3 year warranty


SSB-1A – Hot & Cold Blender – Instruction Booklet


SSB-1A – Hot and Cold Blender- Recipe Booklet